The Heritage Collector System

Looking at the different types of multimedia on the right might be overwhelming.


It's hard to know how to use, preserve, and hand down these priceless kinds information to our children and relatives in a way that will be meaningful to them.


Heritage Collector makes it possible to organize and share these pictures, videos, sound, and text documents in a collection that brings it all together in context.

Add Depth and Enhance Meaning

Using Multimedia

Click here for information about converting old movies and media.


Multimedia in a Collection

Real life experiences have been recorded using many different kinds of media.


Double clicking on a thumbnail in a collection makes it possible to enlarge a photo, hear a voice, watch a video or read a text document.


You can even view a satellite map and see where the event took place such as an old homestead or farm.


The collection at the right demonstrates how you could become better acquainted with a person by studying the different kinds of media by clicking on a thumbnail.


The eliminates the need to find the file and open it with the correct program.

VHS family movie clip

Old fishing movie clip

Old tape of dad singing German song

Satellite GPS map

showing location of the homestead

Family slides



Display a photo containing talking tags for each person in the photo

Family journal

Old tape recording and records



The features and functions shown above come with the Heritage Collector System.









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The Heritage Collector System

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