The Heritage Collector System

Heritage Collector Advanced Overview

Installing Heritage Collector Suite will allow you to the following:

  1. Labeling. A group of people in a photo is almost impossible to label. Our special tagging system makes it easy identify everyone in the photo. You can even search the tags to find all the photos you have of one person or document.
  2. Slide Shows. Adding captions and oral narrative is as simple way to create a slide show. Slide shows can be shared via a cloud, USB drive or CD/DVD. This is a great way to create and share a biography.
  3. Storybook / Cards. Dragging photos to storybook pages makes it easy to personalize pages. Pages can also be interactive.
  4. Calendars. Creating calendars is a fun way to  focus attention on events in your family history by adding names, dates, and photos.
  5. Interactivity. Take advantage of our special tools and tutorials to learn how you can make storybooks and calendars interactive.
  6. Sharing. There are many ways to share photos, documents with relatives and friends anywhere in the world by using a cloud, USB, or CD / DVDs.



The features and functions shown above come with the Heritage Collector System.









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The Heritage Collector System

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